5a Ed. Unesco Cities Marathon in Palmanova - Sunday 26 March 2017

Locality: Aquileia, Palmanova, Cividale del Friuli
Location: Various locations
Category: Sporting event
Date: Sunday 26 March 2017


The fifth edition of the Unesco Cities Marathon will take place on 26 March 2017. This is the only competition in the world that connects two Unesco protected sites: Cividale del Friuli, an ancient Longobard capital, and Aquileia, with its important Roman vestiges. The two towns are exactly 42 km apart, which is the classical length of a marathon. History, art, culture, sports, food, and wine will be the ingredients of a weekend you should not miss. In addition to the classical 42.195 km race, the 2017 Unesco Cities Marathon, run on historical streets, will feature a relay run for couples (25.600 km + 16.595 km) and the 16.595 km long Iulia Augusta Run (open also to Nordic Walking aficionados), coinciding with the final stretch of the course of the marathon. Everybody's finish line will be in splendid Piazza Capitolo Square, Aquileia. Where running meets history.

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